Abigail Wells (2021)

Abigail Wells (2021)

2021 Winner of the Wings For Val Foundation Drone Flight Training Scholarship valued at $5,000.00

Abi is a Molecular Biologist/Geneticist under contract to NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Center in Seattle, Washington. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seattle University with a double major in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Environmental Science and has also completed Post Baccalaureate Studies in Natural Resources at Oregon State University. Abi earned her private pilot’s license in 2020 at Snohomish Flying Service in Washington and is enrolled in Instrument Rating 141. She writes, “I want to be a wildlife pilot, where scientific research and my aviation passion meet in a profession… As a drone operator, I will be immediately ready for drone-based wildlife piloting and aerial surveys.” The Wings For Val Foundation along with DARTdrones Training will be helping Abi achieve her goals!


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