Jessica Meiris (2019)

Jessica Meiris (2019)

After over a decade of professional guiding and instructional experience in rock climbing and other adventure sports, Jessica aspires to shift her career towards becoming a helicopter pilot for technical mountain search and rescue. In 2014, Jessica became the first woman in history to climb the great face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, the largest granita monolith in the world, completely alone and in 27 hours. Her skills have translated well to the world of aviation and she is excited to take on a new challenge of flying a helicopter. When comparing herself to CPT Sara Knutson Cullen, Jessica writes, “Sara was an ideal blend of feminine grace and authority, defying societal norms yet remaining humble and selfless. Like Sara, I strive to provide strong female leadership and mentoring in a male-dominated industry as a professional mountain guide. I understand that it will require partnership and assistance to achieve that goal in my new career as a helicopter pilot.”

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