Lea Van Den Brink (2018)

Lea Van Den Brink (2018)

Lt Valerie Cappelaere Delaney Scholarship Finalist #2 ($2,000) Lea Van Den Brink is a French Citizen of Dutch descent who has ambitions of enlisting in the French Air Force as a pilot . In her application essay, Lea writes, “After high school, flying appeared the obvious choice about what I wanted to do with my life. Lacking self confidence, flying deeply changed my way of looking at things. It makes me feel stronger, more able to deal with every day’s problems, and people. My wish today is to enlist in the French Air Force as a pilot. I have a long way to go and Wings for Val can definitely help me out… Very much as Valérie has accomplished in the US, I wish to carve my way into a flying career, no matter how strong the masculine legacy is in France. As a reservist in the French Air Force, I have already seen how much a dedicated young woman can help and take part in a common effort. Risk, responsibilities, challenges, both physical and mental, do not scare me – They motivate me.”

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