Eleanor Kay (2018)

Eleanor Kay (2018)

2018 Drone Scholarship Award Winner ($,5000) –

Eleanor Kay is a high school student in Maryland who has been honing in her photography skills as a volunteer with Images for Good. According to Eleanor in her application, “Drones allow us to gain new perspectives and see things from different angles, which is not only good for photography, but for life and finding new ways to help others… This would be an amazing opportunity for me not only to bring my dream of owning a drone to life, but also to combine this new technology into a form of assisting others that helps give me valuable service and job skills that I can pass on to other students I mentor with Images for Good.”

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  1. […] aspirations. Finally, we were joined by our current 2018 drone training scholarship recipients, Eleanor and Elyse, who are really breaking new ground in the photography world through the use of drones, […]

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