Alexandra Kemp (2018)

Alexandra Kemp (2018)

Lt Valerie Cappelaere Delaney Finalist #1 ($2,000) Alexandra Kemp is from Atlanta, GA and has ambitions of pursuing a career in the aerospace industry. She currently works in healthcare, has volunteer and intern experiences with NASA and other aviation related companies and was recently accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to complete her Master of Science in Aeronautics and Space Studies. She ultimately hopes to work towards her private pilot license and to eventually obtain her PhD in Human Factors Psychology so that she can work in the aerospace industry doing research and making strides for humans to go to Mars. According to Alexandra in her application essay, “Similar to Valerie, both of us have the same passion for aviation, aerospace, singing, and even the French language! I believe that we all make our own paths and mine has just begun. Valerie was an unstoppable person, she set high goals for herself and never backed out because something got too intense or fearful of the unknown, I aspire to be more like that. It is my dream to be able to fly and pursue my private pilot license. I hope that by obtaining my license I can eventually give back to the aviation community what it has given to me.”

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